A4 This is a man's world Black Art print

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This is a custom hand illustrated feminist art print created by the talented Christian Watson as part of this is a man's world branding collection. 

The lady in the female empowerment poster represents all the women before us who have fought through adversity for women's rights.  A colourless woman, greyed so as to represent a mix of all colours with no particular relation to race or religion, just the strength of the modern woman. She is a reminder for us all not to give on up on the current issues we face today whether it be equality, gender pay gap, or simply finding our rightful accepted place in society.  She who dare's wins and we must not stop making a stand.

  • A4 300gsm smooth heavy weight board.
  • Limited Edition Print 

Note: Pre order items will be shipped during our official product launch in March. We will keep you updated on our progress and the shipping of your order. 

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